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Sub Contract Manufacture, Electronic Assembly
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Spimin Developments Limited

SDL for Pcb Assembly, Sub Contract Manufacture, Electronic Assembly.

Modern electronic control, so vital in today's highly automated world is the unseen, unsung heart of countless everyday operations.

The name Spimin Developments is equally unseen by the public eye. Yet we contribute to people's lives in so many ways. Our mission is to conceive, develop and manufacture the electronic testing and control equipment that keeps that automated heart beating efficiently and reliably.

Our driving force is technical excellence. We invest heavily in training our personnel, rigorously inspecting our products and strive to achieve ever higher quality standards. ISO 9001 was simply a staging post on the way to our overall quality objectives.

Established in 1976, Spimin Developments Limited design and manufacture its own range of industrial electronics and has a highly experienced contract manufacturing division. Our expertise includes the design, development, procurement, manufacture and testing of printed circuit boards, specialised software, customised control panels and complete products developed to meet customers requirements.

Our products have a huge diversity of function from control of lighting systems, vending machines and central heating to systems testing in flight simulators and engine monitoring in aircraft carriers.

Our customers include blue chip companies, government agencies, aircraft and rail manufacturers. However, you don't need fame and fortune to benefit from Spimin Developments skill and experience. Just tell us what you aim to achieve and we will provide you with a reliable solution at competitive rates and do our utmost to make sure it all goes like clockwork.


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ISO 9001 Registered Company